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Build your own Big Green Egg Table in a Weekend

After moving to a new home, and kissing my outdoor kitchen area goodbye, I had to build a grill table for my Large Big Green Egg.  After looking at a lot of ideas, this is the grill table design I finally went went with.  I have designed it to be easy to build and even more fun to use.  It has a ton of storage in the cabinets and a lot of countertop space on each side of the smoker.  Over the past 4 years, I have really enjoyed using it, but more importantly, a lot of readers have enjoyed building and using this table too! See some of their amazing tables below…… 

Grill Tables Built by Readers like You

This grill table was originally designed for a Large Big Green Egg or Classic Joe Kamado Joe. However, I am happy to say I have added plans for XL sized Green Eggs and Kamado Joes as well for this same table below, so you can build a table for Large or XL Kamados. 

Basic Grill Table Dimensions

This table is built to give you almost 3 ft of space on each side of the smoker, and grill cabinets to hold charcoal, grill grates, and all of your accessories.

The built size is:  8 ft long x 3 ft deep x 3 ft tall

The best part about building your own table is… you can customize the table any way you want.  Feel free to make changes.  I built this table entirely out of cedar material.  You can use pine if you want to save some money, just make sure to seal it or have it under a canopy to extend its life. Let’s get started…

Tools & Hardware Needed to Build Your Grill Table

I have built a number of grill tables for Green Eggs and Pellet Smokers.  The basic toolset  you absolutely need is:   Circular Saw, Jig Saw, Power Drill / Driver, Drill Bits, Clamps, Table Saw, Measuring Tapes, and Carpentry Squares. 

Types of Lumber Needed to Build your Table

  • 2″ x 4″ x 8 ft Cedar
  • 1″ x 6″ x 8 ft Cedar
  • 1″ x 2″ x 8 ft Cedar
  • 1″ x 4″ x 8 ft Cedar
  • 1″ x  8″ x 8 ft Cedar

If you want a full material list with Detailed Instruction and Plans with Dimensions, Material Purchase Lists, and Cut Lists, you will want the full E-Book Download Below for Large and XL Kamados…. 

Green Egg Table Videos

While building this table and another big green egg table, I made videos that will help you visualize some of the steps you have to take during the build. Feel free to reference theses videos as you build your own table. 

Building your DIY Big Green Egg Table

The best way to build your green egg table is to break it into several steps that you can achieve in several hours at a time. Below are the basic steps we will take to build the table.

  1. Framing the Table 
  2. Installing the Countertop and Shelving
  3. Installation of the sides and the back of the Green Egg Table
  4. Cutting the Countertop
  5. Installing Trim Work
  6. Installing Doors and Hardware

Cut and measure as you go to save yourself some time from fixing mistakes.  I have rarely had success when cutting every piece up front… I always make a mistake… I mean I always “change the plans” on the fly.

Step 1: Framing the Table

The first step to building your Green Egg Table is constructing the main frame.  It is the most important step, as it provides the strength needed for durability and also determines all of the finished dimensions as you build out the table. 

Step 2: Installing the Countertop and Shelving

After the main framing out of 2×4’s is completed, you will want to install the casters on the “feet” of the table and then work on the countertop and horizontal shelving for the bottom shelf and smoker shelf. 

DIY Big Green Egg Table almost completed. Notice the casters installed on the table legs. You want to install these after the framing is completed, but before you start installing any of the 1×6 cedar floor and countertop.

Step 3: Cut the Hole for the Big Green Egg

After installing the floor and countertop, cut the opening for the Big Green Egg to sit in. Mark the center of the hole to be cut and use a nail, twine, and pencil to draw a smooth arc.  

diy big green egg table

Step 4: Install the Sides and the Back of the Table

The sides and back are 1×6 cedar, trimmed at the top and bottom with 1×2 cedar to give it a more finished look. Finally… a finished product for the moment.  Check out my youtube videos for the finishing touches and mounting the doors. 

Step 5: Install the Trim Work

Install 1×2, 1×4, and 1×6 cedar on the front to give the Green Egg Table a more finished look.  You want to cut these as tight as possible, as you will see the front of the table the most. 

diy large green egg table
Step 6: Install the Doors and Hardware

Finally, we have doors! Soft closing European hinges make this a functional and fun grill table. Doors are constructed of 1×8 cedar. I like to use 5/8″ overlay hinges, which I find easy to install. 

diy large green egg table
large green egg grill table on patio

If you want detailed plans to build a table for a Large Big Green Egg, XL Big Green Egg, Classic Joe, or Big Joe Smoker, you can find all options available below for both sizes.  The grill table plans contain detailed plans with dimensions, complete material lists, and detailed cut lists for each part of the project.  If you are looking to save yourself some time, this is the way to do it.