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Rec Tec 700 Grill Cart Plans to Class up Your Smoker

how to build a grill cart table for the rec tec 700

Why Build a Grill Table for your Rec Tec? 

If you love using your Rec Tec 700 and want to upgrade the look and feel of your Rec Tec Bull, then this DIY Rec Tec 700 Grill Cart might be the project for you. You can build this grill table in about a weekend’s time and it should last for many years of backyard BBQ fun. If you want detailed plans for this Rec Tec 700 Grill Cart, you can buy them right here.

I purchased the Rec Tec 700 for the look and the performance, but I wanted to take the look and function up a notch. I did not enjoy the small side table it comes attached with and did not want to spend nearly $200 for the front table accessory. After looking online for possible grill carts to build for a built-in look, I really did not find anything out there. So, this compact grill table is my solution. The convenience of the Rec Tec 700 Bull is taken to a new level, with tons of storage.

If you would rather watch a video on the build of this Rec Tec Table, you can check out my YouTube video below:

Tools & Hardware Needed?

I have built a number of grill tables for Pellet Smokers and Big Green Eggs.  There are some tools, fasteners, and hardware that make the job fun and easy.  The basic tools needed are:  circular saw, jig saw, power drill, clamps, measuring tape, and carpenters square.  Some nice to have tools are: Table Saw, Miter Saw, and Planar. 

Rec Tec Grilling Cart Dimensions

The foot print of this grill cart is 6’9″ x 2’9″, which is relatively compact for the size of the grill. It has counter space on each side of the grill and has tons of storage underneath for Pellets, Grill Grates, and temperature monitors. The height is close to 36″ tall, which is the standard countertop height for kitchens. 

The best way to show you how to build this grill table is to show you pictures of different progress points along the way.  It is framed out of pine and then trimmed out with cedar material for all the sides and countertop as well. It came out beautiful after staining the sides and sealing the counter.

rec tec table frame
This is the basic structure of the Rec Tec Grill Cart. 2 x 4 framing with plywood used for the shelving floors. Aluminum flashing used for a barrier between the smoker and the middle shelf.
rec tec table frame with rec tec 700
Another view of the basic framing for the Rec Tec 700 Grill Table. I used the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig for some connections of the framing to make it easy. The "sled" of the left if for the odd shaped rec tec temperature controller unit.
This is the vertical cedar tongue and grove siding installed, prior to staining the vertical components
rec tec table with trim work
Before mounting the doors, I stained the sides with an oil based stain and sealed the countertop with a water based sealer
The finished Rec Tec 700 Grill Table! Stained, sealed, and ready to Smoke some meat!
side view of rec tec table
rec tec table back with siding
This is how gorgeous the cedar siding looks after staining it with a clear oil based stain!

I hope you found all of these images useful and perhaps a source of inspiration to build your own grill table.  I have built a number of different Grill Tables for Big Green Eggs in the past, and have found this Rec Tec Grill Table just as useful to hold all of my grilling supplies provide a lot more counter space.  If you want detailed plans, you can purchase them right here.

Finishing Products and Hardware for the Rec Tec Grill Table

Penofin Penetrating Oil Finish for the siding, trim, and doors.  This also works for the countertop if you do not care if the finish is glossy.  I do prefer penetrating oil finishes over glossy finishes that crack and break down faster.