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Compact DIY Grill Cart Plans with Tons of Storage

grill cart with granite counter and grab bar

Grilling in the backyard is always a good time, but it often takes a good amount of work if you do not have everything you need outside by grill.  This DIY Grill Cart will get keep everything organized for you right by your grill.  No more lugging charcoal, fire starters, pellets, temperature probes, and all the rest back and forth to the garage.   

grill cart for the backyard

I have built a lot of grill tables in the past for Green Eggs, Kamado Joes, and Pellet Grills, but this is the first stand alone BBQ Grill Cart I have built, and I am excited to offer Plans for this Grill Cart to anyone interested in making their backyard patio a little nicer.  

DIY Grill Cart Design

This grill cart is designed to be mobile, have tons of storage for its size, and offer a lot of flexibility for types of use.  The interior cabinets are both 24″ deep and 30″ tall, which provide enough space for your largest grill grates, pizza stones, tall storage bins, and trash cans. 

The narrow cabinet was designed primarily for grill grates, ceramic stones, drip trays and any other large “filthy” items that you may want to keep separated from other accessories.  At 12″ wide and 24″ deep, it will fit about any XL Green Egg or Weber Kettle grill grate accessory, which was my main concern. 

The wide cabinet is over 21″ wide and 30″ tall, which will accommodate a variety of larger storage items, such as Charcoal, Wood Chunks, Pellets, or anything else you need to keep out of the weather.  Although mostly water tight, I would definitely put charcoal in water tight storage bins to ensure good performance.  If you do want a water tight grill cart, I would recommend installing a granite top instead of using cedar wood. 

diy grill cart plans

My complete plan set includes Detailed Material Purchase Lists, Lumber Cut Lists, 2D Plans, and 3D Plans.  They are super detailed and you can purchase them below:

DIY Grill Cart Video

This video below contains a ton of instruction on how to build your own grill cart.  Simple and easy to follow.  If you want a classy looking grill cart, this is for you! 

BBQ Grill Cart Construction

I believe if you are going to spend the time to build BBQ Grill Cart, it should last a very long time.  If you follow my construction instructions and use quality cedar wood stained with a premium sealer, you will find that this grill cart will last for many years.  

Materials Used to Build the Grill Cart

I have specified the simplest materials to for this grill cart, as I like to keep builds easy and fast…. as I like to spend more time using the final product, rather than building. I recommend the following materials for building this DIY Grill Cart: 

  • Framing – 2×4 Pine 
  • Interior Shelving – 1×6 Pine
  • Exterior Siding – 1×6 or 1×8 Cedar
  • Doors & Trim Work – 1×2, 1×4, 1×6 and 1×8 Cedar 

Feel free to use Cedar for all the framing as well, but it will cost more.  I do recommend using cedar for all the exterior, as it does not twist and shrink as much as standard pine.   

My complete plan set includes Detailed Material Purchase Lists, Lumber Cut Lists, 2D Plans, and 3D Plans.  They are super detailed and you can purchase them below: 

Grill Cart Fasteners and Hardware

Use exterior rated screws for all the connections during the build.  You can find all of my favorite Casters, Hinges, and hardware lists on my amazon store front.  In general, try to use stainless steel for the trim screws, as they will not rust out over time.  For the casters, I recommend using 4″ casters as they roll so much easier than the 2″ or 3″ casters. 

Upgrades for Your Grill Cart

grill cart with granite counter and grab bar

Granite Counter Tops

After building this grill cart, I decided to upgrade the counter to granite and install a grab bar on one side of the grill cart to help move it around when needed.  The granite counter is a really nice upgrade as it makes it easier to clean and also makes this grill cart pretty darn water proof.  I would still place electronics and charcoal in water proof storage inside the cart as a precaution, but it should stay very dry.  

Finished Grab Bar

I purchased a 18″ grab bar off of, which has a lot of material options for this type of setup.  I prefer this look over rustic not finished steel parts I have seen on other grill tables, as it should keep from rusting for quite a while.  

grill cart cabinet storage

To finish off the interior, I added a shelf to the larger cabinet and then installed a paper towel holder as I always need some paper towels at some point when I am grilling or smoking meat.  I might add some more shelving and detailed storage areas as I use and decide what I want, but this will be  a great starting point for this all purpose grill table.  

Grab a copy of these plans with both 2D & 3D plans, detailed material lists, and lumber cut lists to make it easy for you!