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Wireless Meat Probe Throwdown: Meater vs Typhur vs Thermopro!

wireless meat probe reivew

Today’s wireless meat probes are more capable than ever, allowing anyone to cook great food more easily.  However, there are a lot of them to choose from.   This wireless meat probe review of three top sellers should help you narrow down your own decision on which one is right for you.

typhur sync meater 2 plus and thermopro twin tempspike

These handy devices take the guesswork out of cooking by letting you monitor your food’s internal temperature from a distance by utilizing bluetooth and wifi networks, truly cord free! Today we are taking a look at three of the top wireless meat probe devices and competitors on the market: 

  1. The Meater 2 +
  2. Typhur Sync
  3. Thermopro Twin Temp Spike
I recently had the opportunity to test all three of these units in my backyard while smoking a large pork loin on my webber kettle.  I was surprised on how differently they performed under the same conditions. 
wireless meat probes on a webber kettle with smoked pork loin

Wireless Throwdown Video

For a more detailed review, check out this in depth video on my YouTube channel below…. 

The Benefits of Wireless Meat Probes

Before we get into the differences of these three wireless meat probes, lets cover what makes all three a compelling purchase. All three of these wireless units have….

  • All probes monitor both the internal temperature of your meat and the ambient temperature inside your grill or smoker.  
  • All three Apps are easy to use and allow you to see a lot of data quickly. 
  • All Apps have the ability to predict when the meat will be done, based on internal temperature data.  All three predictions were pretty accurate from my testing.
  • All have wireless connections, allowing you to have meat probes in rotisserie setups or other setups that would make a wired connection challenging. 
  • All have ideal battery life and charging, allowing the meat probes to be used for 24 hours between charging. 
  • All have compact base stations that store the meat probes and charge them too

Device Overviews

Meater 2 + Wireless Meat Probe

meater 2 plus wireless meat thermometer testing

A very modern take on packaging, with the rectangular bamboo housing one sleek meat probe.  The Meater 2 + relies exclusively on the app to display temperature data.  There is not a display on the unit itself. 

Positives:  Slim design of the meat probe, high temperature tolerance of 1000°F, which is best in class. Nicely designed App that is easy to navigate. Long battery life of the base station without charging – the battery should last over one year.  The base station has a magnetic back, so you can hang it from a grill or other metal surface. 

Drawbacks:  Limited Bluetooth range and dropped signals when your phone is not in line-of-sight of the base station.  If you plan on monitoring your meat from inside the house, then you will find the dropped signals very annoying! When you are relying on the app for all data… this is a big problem.  

Improvements:  Include Wifi connections with base models of Meater + or increase strength of bluetooth connections so signal drops are not frequent.  Add a led display to the base station, so there is an alternative display when the App is not accessible. 

Tphur Sync Wireless Meat Probes

Typhur sync wireless meat thermometer

The sync has a nice sturdy feel to it, being the heaviest of all the devices tested.  It comes with two meat probes, which is nice when you are cooking multiple meats.  The unit displays all data for both probes on a nice bright LCD display on the front of the unit. 

Connections can be made to the base station via Bluetooth or Wifi, allowing for long distance connections when monitoring  your meat.  The base station has a nice kickstand, so you can place the base station on a table or countertop where it is easy to see your grill and meat temperatures. 

Positives:  The Typhur Sync was the most stable connection compared to the other wireless meat probes.  Connections were very solid, utilizing both bluetooth and Wifi.  However, the WiFi makes this unit the best choice for those that want to wander away from the backyard.  Love the bright easy to read display, that operates without a phone connected. 

Drawbacks:  The maximum temperature the meat probes can be exposed to is 572° F.  In the future, it would be great if this could be ramped up to 750° F or more, for direct grilling.  The size of the meat probes could be reduced in the future as well, to make it easier to pierce the meat. 

ThermoPro Twin Tempspike Wireless Meat Probes

thermopro wireless meat thermometer twin tempspike

The Twin Tempspike comes with two meat probes in a orange base station, that serves as a charging station.  The base station does display meat temperature and grill temperature, but it is displayed in a way that is kind of confusing, as the orientation of the probes is not the same orientation as the display. 

Positives:  The base station has a magnetic back, so you can hang it from a grill or other metal surface.  It is nice to have 2 meat probes to work with. The app works well and temperatures seemed accurate. 

Drawbacks:  Dropped connections from your phone to the basestation happen quite a bit when you are not in line of sight from the basestation.  Connectivity was more solid than the Meater 2+, but still had quite a few dropped signals when inside the house. The is display on the Twin Temp Spike is a little quirky, it could be improved.  All bluetooth connections for this unit- no WiFi.  Temperature probes can only be exposed to 572° F, which is a little low for direct grilling. 

Final Verdicts

Below are amazon links for all three devices.  If you purchase through any of these links I receive a small commission to help support my blog and youtube channel.  Thank you for your support!  

  1. Check Price : The Meater 2 + 
  2. Check Price:  Typhur Sync
  3. Check Price: Thermopro Twin Temp Spike
Between these three, I like the Typhur Sync the best, mainly because it can operate easily in stand alone mode with an awesome display to show you all the data you need. However, when connected to your phone and WiFi it really excels, allowing you to roam free from the grill.  You can run errands away from your home and still stay in touch with your grill.  
I wanted to like the Meater 2+ because it is sleek and might have the most sexy app too, but the connectivity issues caused me too much cursing and heartache during the cooks.  I love the 1000°F temperature tolerance, so I will probably use this from time to time when cookings over open flames, but it will most likely stay in the garage most of the time. 
The ThermoPro Twin TempSpike works pretty well, with less connectivity issues than the Meater 2+, but it still had issues when I was not close tot the grill.  Due to the wonky display and the connectivity issues, I would choose the Typhur over the ThermoPro, unless you want to save a little bit of money.