Steak House Burger & Steak Sauce

Tonight we are making a juicy steak house cheeseburger with sauteed onion and mushrooms…. and a tangy homemade steak sauce.  This steak sauce is half-way between BBQ sauce and A-1 steak sauce in my mind.

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garlic herb marinated flank steak

Herb Garlic Flank Steak

Tonight we are making a herb garlic flank steak that is quick, easy, and delicious.  If you follow Seared & Smoked, you will know that flank steak is one of my favorite cuts of meat.

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Grilled Tri-Tip Roast

Tri-Tip sirloin is a tasty affordable cut of meat that can feed a whole family.  If prepared correctly it is tender, juicy, and bursting with flavor.  This marinated version will send you back to your

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rubbed and grilled chicken halfs

Grilled Half Chickens

Half Chickens vs Whole Chickens Tonight we are grilling a whole chicken on the grill, with one catch…. we are splitting the chicken in half to make the process easier.  Sometimes making the process easier

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Rotisserie BBQ Ribs

I recently found a love for using the rotisserie on my Weber Kettle grill.    It is a great way to cook a lot of different meats, including BBQ Ribs.  I used a rack of

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Grilled Baked Potato Packets

Another evening grill session with not a lot of time to prepare or clean up.   When I want a simple tasty side, I often make grilled baked potato packets along side a steak, burger,

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Hi, my name is Keegan Lare. I love to create delicious grilled and smoked food, bursting with bold flavors. I also love to see my friends and family try something tasty and new. It is in this spirit that I created Seared & Smoked. Leave me a message and i’ll get back to you as soon as I can.