Pan Fried Bacon
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7 Keys to Perfect Pan Fried Bacon

Who does not love pan fried bacon?  Nobody.  But that does not mean people know how to cook it properly.  I have experienced some of the worst bacon at Breakfast Restaurants.  So often that I

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smoked turkey_1538_1024
Big Green Egg

Herb Rubbed Thanksgiving Turkey

Can you believe it?  Thanksgiving is almost here?  Do you look forward to the big day?  I definitely look forward to hanging out with some family, overeating,  and throwing back some beers on a Thursday afternoon.  The

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smoked chicken

How to Smoke a Chicken

I should have done a post on this months a go, as it one of my favorite week night meals.  Smoked or roasted whole chickens are so easy make and they are absolutely tender, moist,

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smoked ribs
Big Green Egg

My Favorite Smoked Ribs

If you lived with me like my wife Jill does,  you would know that the lost treasure I am always searching for is perfectly smoked ribs.  Its how I judge BBQ restaurants that I visit

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