Double Big Green Egg Outdoor Kitchen for Large & XL Eggs

double green egg table front view

I am so excited to share these DIY Double Big Green Egg Table Plans for the first time with all of my fellow Big Green Egg & Kamado Joe maniacs! These grill table plans have been a requested item for several years now, and I am thrilled to have detailed plans to help anyone with two Green Eggs or Kamado Joes get their backyard ready for the next big party! 

What do the Grill Table Plans Include?

diy outdoor kitchen for green egg or kamado joe
double green egg table front view
diy outdoor kitchen for green egg or kamado joe
diy outdoor kitchen for green egg or kamado joe

Outdoor Kitchen Build Video Instruction

I recently created this video below that shows you the entire build, and generally how easy it is build a beautiful outdoor kitchen setup in your own backyard.  If you have some free weekends available, I think you can build it in 2-3 weekends, depending on your skill level. 

Two Large Green Eggs or Kamado Joes

Currently, I have two plan sets available depending on what size of Green Egg or Kamado Joe you want to build a table for.  The first setup is for two large green eggs or two large kamado joes.  You could also pair a large green egg with a large kamado joe if you wish.  Whatever two “large” or “classic” sizes you wish to choose are fine for this set of plans.  You can purchase these plans below. 

One Large & One XL Green Egg or Kamado Joe

The second set of double big green egg table plans I have available bit the combination of one Large Sized Kamado and one XL Sized Kamado smoker.  So, you can choose any large Big Green Egg or Classic Sized Kamado Joe and pair it with an XL sized Big Green Egg or Big Joe Kamado Joe. This is the table I will be building soon for my own backyard, as I have always wanted an XL Green Egg. You can purchase this plan set below.  

Grill Table Plan Highlights

I have designed both Double Deluxe Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe tables to be easy to build and even more fun to use.  Some of the highlights of these grill table plans are: 

What Materials to Use?

The lumber and hardware used to build this table are easily found locally or through Amazon.  I have put all the hardware on this inspiration board on amazon, for easy purchases of hinges, fasteners, and slide out drawers for trash bins. 

If you are looking for a DIY Green Egg Kitchen that will wow your friends in the backyard, this is the one for you.  I also have a bunch of other plans for Green Eggs and Kamado Joes here on my main page.  If you are looking for something easier to build, there are some options for you. 


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6 thoughts on “Double Big Green Egg Outdoor Kitchen for Large & XL Eggs

  1. I am looking for plans to build a Weber Charcoal Grill and a Weber Gas Grill into one table. Also need storage space and table needs to be on wheels. Do you have anything like this?

    1. Hello… sorry I do not have a good solution for that setup. The weber kettle grill table is on my list for the winter, but it would be tough to have a weber gas grill incorporated into a mobile setup. You can build around them, but they pretty much have to stay on the ground.

  2. Quick question, what are the dimensions of the table for the combo large and xl table?

    1. Hi Bobby, the Full Build is about 10′ 3″ Long x 3′ 6″ Deep x 36″ Tall. For most tables on the site, if you go to the product description for the plans, it should list dimensions there. Thanks for looking.. Keegan

    2. I’m looking for a table to hold a XL BGE and Medium BGE, do you have that configuration available?

      1. I do not have that exact configuration, but the XL and Large combo kitchen is a good one to start with. The only modification you would have to do is raise the “shelf” area that was designed for the Large egg…to accommodate the Medium egg. Everything else you could leave the same.

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