Common Grill Table Questions

Below are the most common questions I get asked from folks on grill tables and other topics as they arise

I have only used one grill cover, which I purchased here on Amazon.  It fits the Large Premium Center Cut Table as well as the Pellet Smoker Grill Tables.  There are lots other sizes available on Amazon that may fit the other tables I have designed, but I have not used them.

penofin ultra wood stainThe only sealer I currently recommend is Penofin Ultra, which I have found to last several years on cedar wood. You can find it here on amazon or I have also seen it at Ace Hardware and Woodsmith Stores as well.  I have used this on the Rec Tec Table I built as well as the Double Egg Table I built and it looks fantastic on both of them. 

The only drawback of this sealer is that is does not have a glossy finish, so if you use it on the coutertop, it does not have that glossy finish to make cleanup easy.  I have used General Finishes Glossy Exterior Sealer on countertops before, and it holds up OK as long as you keep your grill table covered when not in use.  

When I make recommendations for screw length and sizes, it is based on what I used or found available at the time.  It is definitely OK to use slightly smaller or larger screws from different brands you find available.  

For example, if you cannot find #6 Trim Screws at 2″ of length.  It is OK to use #8 screws which are slightly larger in width.  It is also OK to use 1.75″ screws or even 1.5″ Trim screws for all connections requiring a trim screw. 

You can find all of my grill table build lists on My Amazon Store Front which should give you some options to choose from. 

I often use and recommend GRK Screws for all connections.  However, you can find other similar screws at your local hardware store.  The important qaulities you want to look for are: exterior grade finishes or materials, and self-tapping.  The self tapping means the screw will drive into the wood easier with less chance of cracking the wood. Exterior grades will hold up to the elements. 

GRK and Power Pro are two brands you will generally find widely available on Amazon or Lowes.  

You can find all of my grill table build lists on My Amazon Store Front which should give you some options to choose from. 

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Sometimes when you email me for help, I respond and it also gets filtered to your spam folder.  If you email me and I do not respond, this is the problem.  Please get in touch on facebook or instagram @searedandsmoked if you do not get a response from email.  I love my customers and will always try to help… but I cannot fix the SPAM folder filter issue. 


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