How to Smoke a Chicken

how to smoke a chicken on a weber kettle

I should have done a post on this months a go, as it one of my favorite week night meals.  Smoked or roasted whole chickens are so easy make and they are absolutely tender, moist, and delicious.  I used to love the rotisserie chickens from the grocery store, but after learning how to properly cook a chicken, we never pick up the pre-roasted birds that have been sitting there for hours.  Check out this video to learn how to smoke a chicken…. and you will never look back over your shoulder at the grocery store roasted birds.

I used a weber kettle grill for this cook, but you can easily use the same methods on a Big Green Egg, in the oven, or another smoker.  The main thing to keep the temperature around 350 degrees +/-  50 degrees.   I don’t mind if it drifts higher, just keep that in mind that your cooking time may decrease.   I am usually shooting for crispy skin on the outside and fall off the bone on the inside.  Surprisingly, I rarely have any issues with the chicken drying out at all.   You will find it is crazy juicy, so use a large cutting board when carving up the bird.

You may notice that I did not add any wood to smoke this chicken.  That is actually how I prefer them, with a light smoky flavor provided by the charcoal.  I also find the skin stays a little more crispy with less smoking action going on in the chamber.  Have some fun and experiment with this.

If there is something you have questions about, leave me a post and I will follow up with a comment or another post.

Happy smoking!



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