Kiln S-Series Pizza Oven Review

kiln s-series 16" pizza oven

There are a lot of backyard pizza ovens available these days.  Should the Kiln S-Series 16″ Pizza Oven be on your list to add to your backyard arsenal? After a few months of testing, below is an honest review of this mid-range pizza oven. 

In-Depth Video Review

Check out my review on the Seared and Smoked YouTube channel below for an in-depth look at the Everdure Kiln S-Series Pizza Oven… 

Kiln S-Series First Impressions

baking pizza on kiln pizza oven

How Long will it take to Heat Up?

I found it took about 30 minutes for the Kiln S-Series to heat up to a sufficient temperature of 650°F for new york style pizzas.  If you let it heat up for 40 minutes you can get to temperatures of 750°F or more. If you are looking for 900°F or higher temperatures… then I would check out Everdure’s higher end Kiln R-Series with the rotating stone. 

Can you Bake Pizzas Back to Back?

From my use of the Kiln Pizza Oven, it is best to have a little time between pizzas to reheat the pizza stone.  I found having 5 minutes between pizzas worked well for getting consistent results.  For your average backyard party with your family, this works fine.  If you are trying to sell pizzas on the street, then this is not your oven. 

baking pizza on kiln pizza oven

Quality of Pizza from the Kiln S-Series

I have been really happy with the quality of pizzas and the quality of the crust developed from the cooks I have cooked on the Kiln S-Series Pizza Oven.  It may not be the best for super high temperature pizza styles, such as neopolitan pizza, but it really does a nice job with New York Style and New Haven Style Pizza, which both have a medium-thin crust with a little chew to it.  Check out my recipe for amazing 14″ pizzas with a crispy chewy crust… my favorite style for everyday pizza. 


I also found it worked well for Tavern Style Thin Crust Pizzas.  I have not experimented yet with Detroit Style Thick Crust Pizzas, but I think they would do well in this oven as you can dial down the temperature as needed with the easy to control gas burner. 

Kiln S-Series Pros

Kiln S-Series Cons

baking pizza on kiln pizza oven

Final Thoughts on the Kiln Pizza Oven

For a price of $600-700, the Kiln S-Series Pizza Oven is worth a look for backyard weekend warriors.  It looks good in your backyard and the overall performance is consistent and easy to manage.  After a few test runs, I found that I could crank out quality pizzas pretty much every time, without much stress. 

I love the extra room this 16″ pizza oven has, compared to some of the smaller 12″ ovens, such as the Gozney Roccbox, which I have also owned and used for a few years.  I do not think I can use a smaller pizza oven again? 

If you are looking for a quality pizza oven in the middle price range, I would give the S-Series a look.  Check out the latest price here

kiln s-series 16" pizza oven


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