Classic Sidecar Grill Table Plans for XL Green Egg

$24.95 VAT

This plan set fits the XL Big Green Egg and includes detailed plans and instructions to help you get the job done right the first time!  The overall dimensions needed to fit this table are 39″ x 66″.  This E-book includes all of the following details:

  • 3D Plan Set and workflow to help you see the steps needed, in the correct order
  • 2D Plan Set to give you all the dimensions needed
  • Full Material Purchase List
  • Full cut-list for all pieces of lumber needed.
  • Contact information for any questions you have

Tired of dragging out all of your Smoker accessories and equipment every time you fire up the grill? I guarantee you will grill more often and have more fun with this Compact “Sidecar” Table with the following features:

  • Plenty of Storage underneath and to the side for Accessories, Charcoal, Smoking Wood, Etc
  • Plenty of counter-top space on the right side of the Grill
  • Rolling Casters that make it easy to move

These plans are very detailed. Hundreds of plans have been sold with very positive feedback from customers. When you buy this plan set, I will also answer any questions you have. My contact information is included with the E-book.

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