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Reverse Seared Ribeye

reverse seared ribeye

reverse seared ribeyeIf you love a good steak, then you will wet your pants for this Reverse Seared Ribeye, seasoned with an awesome 4 ingredient rub and finished with parsley butter.  I did not believe all the hype behind the reverse sear method, until I picked up a 2.5″ thick ribeye one Friday afternoon and gave it a try…. mind blown…. life changed forever.   You will end up with a evenly cooked steak, medium rare throughout, with an awesome salty crust developed on the outside.   I have been Reverse Searing Ribeyes a few times a month since the first voyage, and it is heaven every time.

Buying your Ribeye

For a perfectly grilled Reverse Seared Ribeye, you want a big thick steak.  I will not go below 2″ in thickness and usually have the butcher cut a 2.5″ thick ribeye.  You can expect this to weigh about 2 – 2.5 lbs depending on the source.  I like to go to Fareway here in Iowa, as they do whatever you want and usually act happy during the process.  Hy-Vee grocery…. not so much… they are not always thrilled to custom cut a fresh steak for me.  Buy one 2.5″ thick ribeye for every 2-3 people depending on the crowd you are feeding.

The perfect Ribeye will have a good amount of fat marbling, but not huge portions of fat running through the steak.  Try to avoid Ribeye’s with a large fatty area in the center… they do not cook up as well and make slicing up the steak more difficult.   The steak below turned out pretty good.  Ideally, I would like to see a little less fat in the center-left area, but it still turned out great.

reverse seared ribeye

If a nice Ribeye is not available, try a 2.5″ thick New York Strip or you could use this same method with a thick beef tenderloin.

What does Reverse Seared mean?

Typically, steaks are cooked over high heat for several minutes on each side until you reach the desired temperature.  For me, I am shooting for 130 degrees F.  However, this can be tricky as the temperature tends to jump pretty quickly over high heat if you are not paying close attention. Continue reading Reverse Seared Ribeye