Traeger Grill Table Plans

traeger grill table plans

If you are a Traeger pellet grill owner, you may have noticed there are not many Traeger Grill Table Plans out there, if any at all.  I am thrilled to finally offer Traeger owners a solution to building a quality Traeger Grill Table at home for a reasonable price.  You will no longer have to drag pellets, meat probes, and other accessories back and forth from that garage.  You can keep all your smoking gear right inside your new Traeger Grill Table.  

Currently, I have Grill Table Plans that fit the Traeger Pro 575 and Traeger Ironwood 650 as one plan set for both.  If you own the larger Traeger Pro 780 and Traeger Ironwood 885, these grill table plans are also sold as one set as both grills are a similar size.

What are Included in the Plans?

The plans for each grill table include all the details you need to get the job done right the first time, with minimal trips back and forth to the hardware store.  Plans include… 

You may purchase grill table plans for several sizes of Traeger Grills below….. 

I have designed all of these plans to be super easy to build.  If you have a chop saw and a table saw, it will be very easy to cruise through these plans in a weekend.  If your tool set is less advanced, it will take you a little longer.  

The plans are designed to break-up the project into modular units, so the final project is easy to assemble, even if you are a one man band in the garage. 

You will work from the ground up to build the base frame, cabinet frames, and then finish everything off with beautiful trim work to create your own work of art. 

base frame of traeger grill table
traeger grill table completed with cedar trim

You can be confident these plans are well designed and built to last a long time, as I am a registered Landscape Architect here in Iowa.  I spend a lot of my time at work designing more complex outdoor kitchens, so you can feel confident these are complete plans that will help you save time and money during the process. 


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12 thoughts on “Traeger Grill Table Plans

  1. Hi! Have you ever designed or built a table/cabinet that could hold both a Traeger grill and a Big Green Egg? I’d love to house them in the same piece of furniture. Thanks!!


    1. hi traci, I have not done a cabinet with both of those. unfortunately, there are just too many combinations to cover. thanks for checking out the website… and good luck with your build when it happens!

  2. Are you going to do plans for a Treager Timberline 1300? Can pay immediately

    1. If you send me some pictures with dimensions, I can tell you how feasible it is to modify my existing plans. Can you measure the width of the body and the hopper together (do not include the shelf on the left side). Then measure the depth of the body, so how deep would the shelf it sits on have to be? If you can send me those measurements, I can tell you what I can do. -Keegan

  3. I’m looking at your plan for the 575. My only question is, what do you do with the grease bucket? It looks like it’s very close to the bottom and it wouldn’t fit.

    1. sorry just saw this now. when I built mine for the RecTec700… I purchased a lower profile drip pan to put under it.

  4. Is red cedar safe for a top.

    1. You can use about any wood you want, some will last longer than others. Redwood should last quite a while. Just keep it covered for more durability and seal it if you want a nicer look. And… just make sure the grill has a little space from the counter, of course!

  5. Would you have plans for a table that would fit the Traeger Junior 20? Also, I read that you said table saw and chop saw: any other tools that would be ideal for the project?

    1. That I do not have, sorry to say. Table saw and chop saw are the big ones for sure. Then jigsaw too, which is less expensive. Power drills… but most people have those.

  6. I’m wondering if all Traeger’s are able to become a countertop built in setup? I’m looking at buying the smaller Traeger pro series 22?

    1. Essentially, if they legs come off, its pretty easy to build it into a table. So… most of them can be converted pretty easy.

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