Typhur InstaProbe: The Best Digital Meat Probe?

typhur instaprobe digital meat probe

I have owned a bunch of digital meat probes in the past 15 years or so.  I have used some cheap-o models I have found on Amazon and some pretty expensive models, like the Thermoworks Thermapens.  They all do similar things, but the more expensive models have all always set themselves apart by being a little easier to use, which also makes them more fun to use as well.  I am always looking for the next digital meat probe design that makes it easier… and more fun to use than that last model.  The Typhur InstaProbe is the next level up, with a response time under 0.75 seconds and a huge OLED display! 

typhur instaprobe digital meat thermometer checking steak internal temperature

InstaProbe First Impressions

The Typhur InstaProbe is a great new digital meat probe that I have been fortunate to check out as it has launched nationwide recently.  Before getting into the specs of this clean lined meat probe, I want to talk about my initial thoughts on the design and the basic functions of the InstaProbe.  

  1. The InstaProbe has a nice streamlined look and feel.  The all black exterior and clean edges give the meat probe a modern look and feel, which I like. 
  2. The large OLED Display takes center stage and the size and brightness is noticed right away.  This is probably my favorite part of the InstaProbe Digital Meat Thermometer.  It rotates as needed, you can see it clearly during day and night, and did I mention it’s HUGE! 
  3. The response time is very, very fast.  When you insert the probe into a steak or peice of chicken, it responds fast! Definitely comparable or better than the top competitors.

You can purchase the Typhur InstaProbe on their website here. Current retail price is around $109. 

For a hands on demo of the Typhur InstaProbe, you can checkout my video below.  It’s a pretty impressive meat probe….

typhur digital meat probe

Typhur InstaProbe: Key Features & Specs

Along with the super fast response time and large OLED display, the InstaProbe has a few other features that make it competitive with top digital meat probes, and a feature or two that give it a distinct advantage.  Here are some Spec’s that Typhur likes to show off about the InstaProbe: 

  1. Waterproof casing – Rated IP67- You should be able to rinse the meat probe under water, or leave it in some sprinkling rain and it should survive just fine, because IP 67 means you should be able to submerse the meat under water less than 1 meter and it should be fine.  
  2. Temperature Calibration – precise 7 Point Calibration within +/- 0.5°F
  3. Temperature response time – clocked under 0.75 seconds! 
  4. Close the probe to put it to sleep, or it will shut itself off after
  5. Magnetic back for easy storage 
  6. Open and wake up 
  7. Shake to wake feature
  8. Rotating OLED Display
  9. Switchable between °C and °F
  10. Temperature Range of 58°-572° F
  11. Powered by easy to access AAA batteries

After using the InstaProbe for a few months, my favorite feature beside the huge bright OLED display is the shake and wake feature.  I use it all the time and that is way easier than closing and opening the meat probe to wake it up.  It is super fast to shake and wake… I love this feature! 

typhur instaprobe meat thermometer checking chicken temperature

How Far to Insert the Meat Thermometer?

Different meat thermometers have different probe tip dimensions.  I am happy to say this probe is nice and sharp, and super easy to probe any peice of meat. However, the tips of ultra fast digital meat thermometers can be a little sensitive, so I have found it best to insert the tip the full depth of the slim tip for the most accurate results. When the slim tip is fully inserted, the temperature readings have been very stable and accurate.  

How to Test Meat Thermometer Calibration

I have tested the temperature readings from the Typhur InstaProbe against my other trusted meat probes, such as the Thermapen One, and they have always been within a few tenths of a degree, which speaks to the accuracy of both meat probes.  However, if you really want a good reading on temperature calibration, the easiest thing to do is read the temperature of boiling water. The temperature should be close to the boiling water temperature specified for your location and corresponding altitude.  You can calculate an approximate boiling water temperature for your location at Omni Calculator.com  Then you can check your meat probes for accuracy against that approximation.   Just realize, everything is an approximation.  Your water boiling point will still depend on minerals in the water, the humidity that day, etc.   It is a good sanity check though. 

typhur instaprobe digital meat thermometer checking steak internal temperature

Do I Need to Clean my Meat Probe?

Do you need to clean your meat probe? Maybe not, but it’s probably a good idea to give it a little refresher every month or two depending on use.  Think about the underdone chicken you have checked with your probe, and then maybe you will want to clean that probe.  I recommend cleaning the stainless parts of the meat probe with warm soap and water or an alcohol swab. 

What Digital Meat Probe Should I Buy?

There are a lot of cheap knock off meat probes on amazon and the rest of the web.  However, if you are serious about BBQ and feeding your friends and family quality food, I highly recommend a higher price point digital meat thermometer, such as the Typhur InstaProbe.  It will deliver quality meats, and its just plain fun to use during the process.  The big OLED Screen, Shake and Wake Feature, and Super Fast Response time are the clear winners for me!  I have really enjoyed using it. 

You can purchase the Typhur InstaProbe on their website here. 

typhur instaprobe digital meat probe checking chicken temperature


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